R2_Library Download


For download is necessary to agree with license:

  1. The R2_Library (the “Library”) could be use by anyone for non-commercial use. The Library must be always as a indivisible whole for extension of X-Plane. It is not possible to split, modify or using only parts of the Library.
  2. Authors could add further objects to the Library what gives them a partial copyright but not the right to remove any part of the Library.
  3. Distribution of the Library is possible form xplane.cz’s web site only or from sites explicitly listed in this license.
  4. The Library must not be used on public action without permission of its authors

The list of authors is included in the package.

Downloading I agree and understand the license and I will respect it.
Download library

Install library by unpacking to Custom scenery.

České Budějovice

České Budějovice

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