R2 Objects Library

 Posted by on 1.4.2011 at 11:22  VFR ČR součásti, Vše
Apr 012011

R2 LibraryLibrary of 3D objects for Czech Rep. is a base plate for all other sceneries and as such it is mandatory to install it. The goal is obvious – to create all necessary objects typical for the Czech landscape. Library is (and will be) under continuous development and in addition to the creation of further variants of existing objects there will be also completely new objects added, too. Currently, the development of this package is pretty “quiet” as the internal structure of it is being modified.

X-Plane 9 version 091214download

New version of library. This one is compatible with old scenery but using is possible with X-Plane 10 only

X-Plane 10 version 141211

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